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My First Blog Post

Bam bara bap bap bap baaaaaaaaamm!

Here we go. A new era. Yet another blog. You would have thought that after 4.5 years of not blogging a single time I would've snapped out of it? I guess not!

One part of me thinks having a blog essentially is having an outlet where I can express all my *very deep* thoughts and feelings online and tell myself I am being heard. It is possible that it makes me be less annoying in real life! (if you ask Aaron, though, I'm pretty sure he'd still say I'm moderately annoying at times).

Disclaimer though: I'm not a very good writer. And I'm particularly not a very good writer in English, BAH! There will be strange linguistic things happening I am sure of it. But that is maybe also the charm? I feel like that might've been partly why people at my (now old/technically still current because I haven't told them yet I am now to be a Full. Time. Serious. Artist.) barista job liked me. Maybe they thought I was quirky. Or as Caleb said one time: "the way you talk reminds me of those vampires in What We Do In The Shadows", meaning, I think, that I often say things that almost make sense.

My other favorite part about having a blog as opposed to, say, writing like this in an email blast or on social media, is that I'm not directly forcing this upon anybody. You people came here on your own -- you should have known that this could happen! And you have the power to leave anytime you like thank you very much (aaand the majority of the people left. Isn't that the nightmare?? NO silly! This blog is for ME, mostly).

Anyways, we'll see what happens with this little experiment. Thanks for... getting through this rambling with me? Whatever it was that you did I appreciate it, for sure.

Enjoy this picture of the super cute new mask that my dear friend Anna gave me.


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