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Nasty Orange Monster are you 5 years old?

Oh Lord. Watching the debate last night between Trump and Biden was... surreal. Aaron and I couldn't believe what we were watching. How is this the world we live in? How can a person that literally acts like a 5-year-old be PRESIDENT of this country? How can people watch that and then DEFEND HIS BEHAVIOR so that their party will stay in power? That is the absolute most saddening part to me, I think. The lengths to which people go these days to stay in power. To enact laws based on what they claim to be Christian values but that are in fact just the most capitalist bullshit and upkeep of patriarchal structures. Argh!! Like, I don't want to have to keep writing political songs all the time but it's just so deeply upsetting!

Aaron had a dream last night in which Trump's hair got incredibly messed up. I thought that was very fitting.

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