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Taking Harpi out for a Walk

It finally happened - Harpi and I had a gig! We were both very happy to be out and about. All of the hits were played.

General other little thoughts:

Every other day now it feels like the world might be ending. Somehow I simultaneously have a feeling it is actually being reborn, though. Some really special things are happening.

The weather is so beautiful now in MA. Crispy skies with fall foliage galore.

I have realized recently that occasionally the things I write are actually best described as poetry. They're not lyrics that never gets music. They are just complete in their own context, and that's ok even though I was the one who wrote it. It's been nice sort of embracing that as part of my being an artist, and also makes me feel less stressed about having to put music to words just because I think I'm supposed to.

Having a gig wearing a mask was somewhat weird, but not as weird as I initially thought it would be. Less cool was when guests started feeling comfortable after a couple of drinks and therefore removed all of theirs.......

So many adult tasks this week. But that's also part of life. And I guess life is also the process, and not just the other way around (even though I'd probably prefer it if it were that way. But alas).

Thanks for reading! I appreciate all of you so much.

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