The Rise of Estrogenia is a new, genre-pushing, large scale work that builds on the traditional format of the solo concerto and turns it into something that is captivating, current, and undoubtedly new. Utilizing a song cycle-esque storytelling, this work transcends the borders of what a concerto can hold. Composer and soloist Anna Jalkéus created the piece as a reaction to her frustrated feelings about current events such as the war in Syria, the refugee crisis, and the 2016 US Election. With a message of true equality at its core, it is a gripping personal story enclosing a powerful, political manifesto. 


Estrogenia is a feminist superheroine and this is her origin story. Supported by highly sophisticated orchestration, jazz curated harmonies, and sections of improvisation, we follow her from the moment of creation, through her personal dreams and desires, and finally to the battle against her nemesis The Nasty Orange Monster. 


Illustration by Dustin Mollick



The Rise of Estrogenia (2017)

Concerto for Jazz Voice and Harp

Composed and performed by Anna Jalkeus (1992-)


Soloist: pedal harp and voice (Anna Jalkeus)

Orchestra Shorthand: 2d1,2,2,2, alto sax+ten d bari – 3,3,2+bass,0, timp, 3perc d cel, str.

Rhythm Section: pi, e.guit, upbass d ebass, dr set



1. Rhythm section must be well-versed in jazz styles.

2. Saxophonists (2) must be able to comfortably improvise within in the jazz idiom.

3. Percussion 3 (shaker/celesta) must be a player well-versed in jazz/latin styles.


Three Movements

I. Rebirth 

II. While You Were Asleep 

III. The Nasty Orange Monster


Durata: 36-40”

© 2019 by ANNA JALKÉUS. For more info, please contact anna(at)

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