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Anna Jalkéus: voice, harp, compositions
Aaron Dutton: alto/soprano sax, flute
Garrett Wingfield: tenor/baritone sax, bass clarinet
Ethan Stalbaum: electric guitar
Ben Alden McDonald: piano
Aaron Holthus: upright/electric bass
John Sturino: drum set

Anna Jalkéus Group is a woman-led septet that uses elements from modern jazz, fusion, avant garde, and folk to create a sound that is adventurous and new. With harp, voice, two saxophones, guitar, piano, bass, and drums they utilize a wide range of textures; from ethereal and soaring to explosive and menacing. 


Jalkéus’ intriguing writing explores gripping personal themes as well as social issues like gender equality and refugee crises. The instrumentation is sophisticated and effective, utilizing the individual voice of each musician. Right at the center of their artistic world stands Estrogenia; the superheroine and equal rights warrior - a symbol of hope and power.


The Anna Jalkéus Group was formed during Jalkéus’ Artist Certificate studies in 2016, and their debut album “Estrogenia” was released in August of 2018 to highly positive reviews. All band members are alumni from the esteemed jazz program at University of North Texas, and in 2017 they received a Downbeat Award for Outstanding Small Group Performance. They did their first international tour in 2019 and look forward to meeting many new audiences in the future.

“The Other Way” follows, and coalesces all that makes this artist unique. Ms. Jalkéus is now alone, just her voice and harp. Though intimate, she is powerful, accenting it by letting the lowest strings buzz. This one is heart-stopping in its poignancy, especially the final words as the poet wonders where she is headed: People say I have a voice, I think I've lost it". 9/10" - Alison Young, Harp Column

“Anna Jalkeus has carved her way onto the jazz/fusion world with her distinct band and sound of her own. Her debut album Estrogenia is a journey inside the artist. It’s not linear or simple. It’s a thought-provoking work of art. (…) a compelling debut recording by a fascinating artist and equally compelling group. This is original jazz at its best.” - Doc Wendell, LA Jazz Scene



Illustration by Dustin Mollick

Released Aug 24 2018

Available for purchase on our online store, Apple Music, Amazon and at live shows

© Anna Jalkéus 2018

All compositions and arrangements by ANNA JALKÉUS

Album Personnell:

Anna Jalkéus - voice, harp

Aaron Dutton - alto/soprano saxophone, flute, melodica (7)

Garrett Wingfield - tenor/baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Ethan Stalbaum - electric guitar

Gregory Santa Croce - piano, melodica (3)

Aaron Holthus - upright/electric bass

John Sturino - drum set

Zach Yaholkovsky - background vocals (2)

Producers: Anna Jalkéus & Zach Yaholkovsky

Executive Producer: Kevin Hogg

Mixed by Pål Svenre, Unit 7

Mastered by Sofia von Hage, Stockholm Mastering

Funded through Kickstarter! Thank you all backers <3


Our album was successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter! Click here to view the campaign that reached past $10,000.

Thank you SO much, dear backers! <3


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