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Allt Vi Är is a powerful, calm and simmering piece for SATB choir with intricate harmonies and Swedish lyrics. The sheet music comes with a demo track and a lyric practice track.

Click here to listen to a recording of the piece.


"The piece was originally part of a suite that I wrote called the Neptunus (Neptune) Suite, which consisted of 13 movements that all explored a larger story arc. The story itself came from a very personal place, describing the stages of a relationship that at the time was very difficult and close to my heart, and writing and performing the suite became my way of processing it. The rest of the suite uses different instrumentations - some for woodwind quintet, some for my harp/jazz band, a few duets, some use of electronics, and more. 


A couple of them were choral pieces (Allt Vi Är, and another one called Frusen Tid) and since the premier performance those two have been sung outside of the context of the suite. Allt Vi Är was originally written for only four voices so that we could sing it as a quartet, and that’s the way it has most frequently been performed. I always imagined it being sung by a full choir though, and for that purpose I have also made a few changes beyond the four voices in a couple of places to better use the richness of a large ensemble for those performances where a choir has wanted to sing it."

Allt Vi Är (SATB Choir)

  • PDF Score (SATB + rehearsal piano), 12 pages

    Comes with an m4a demo recording and an m4a lyric practice track

  • All files will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of payment.

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