Estrogenia by Anna Jalkéus Group


1. Prologue 03:47

2. Mononucleosis 04:53

3. Skogsråets Dans 05:33

4. Time Is Running Out 07:20

5. Ma'a Salama 12:29

6. Above 05:19

7. Jupiter 07:19

8. Vintgar Gorge 06:17

9. The Other Way 06:14

10. Estrogenia 06:42



Anna Jalkéus - voice, harp

Aaron Dutton - alto/soprano saxophone, flute, melodica (7)

Garrett Wingfield - tenor/baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Ethan Stalbaum - electric guitar

Gregory Santa Croce - piano, melodica (3)

Aaron Holthus - upright/electric bass

John Sturino - drum set

Zach Yaholkovsky - background vocals (2)

Everybody - kazoo choir (3), hand claps/vocals (2)


All compositions by Anna Jalkéus.


Released August 24, 2018

© all rights reserved

Estrogenia (Physical CD)

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